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Fine, fair and fruitful


Located in Munich, with international market relations and activities, Frutelia stands for expertise in transformed fruits and marketing of valuable, high quality food products.
Our Strenghts:

  • Many years of expertise in the sourcing and application of food ingredients within the industrial fruit processing (focus exotic fruits and yellow fruits, organic and fair-trade)
  • International network and personal connections within the food industry and trading (b2b to b2c, import to export, wholesale to retail)
  • Organic certified own brand: wow!bab – first cereal bar with baobab fruit (own product development, own sales and marketing concept and structure.
  • Competence in trade, sales, product development and marketing (multi-lingual team with professional insights, expertise, experiences, references and network in the mentioned fields)

  • Our Services:
    1. Sourcing and sales of selected raw materials / fruit ingredients world-wide:
    Fruit puree, fruit juice concentrates and fruit color concentrates, organic 100% juices, herbs and fruit strong infusions: for example. Aҫai, Acerola, Camu Camu, Passion fruit and others.
    2. Consultancy in the industrial application of the above materials up to development of final consumer products (own brands and white label), focus organic and fair-trade production. – best example:
    www.wowbab.com, the 1st organic (also vegan) cereal bar with baobab, quinoa, amaranth and real fruit – designed, produced and traded by Frutelia

    3. Sales and marketing of innovative niche products, focus organic consumer food – – we support from market entry to listing with wholesale – reference examples:
    - MozzaRisella / RavioRiselli of Frescolat: 1st such products on rice base
    - Biosurice of Mister Biofood: 1st rice drink based on sprouted natural wholegrain Rice.
    - Labacca Freeze dried fruits in dark cocoa
    Test and taste wow!bab and more new products on the market.

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    Fine, fair and fruitful

    Frutelia is located in Munich, with international market relations and activities. Frutelia stands for expertise in transformed fruits and marketing of valuable, high quality food products.

    • Purees, juice concentrates & natural colours
    • Innovative products for wholesale: organic, vegan, vegetarian
    • Exotic fruit purees and fruit juice concentrates
    • Worldwide trade and import/export of organic products
    • Baobab – fair and healthy
    • Cupuaçu - Amazonian Super Fruit
    • Clean Label - Aroma-free zone
    • Interesting links & information
    • Contact:
      FRUTELIA & Letellier GmbH
      Loristr. 9 • 80335 München
      Phone +49 (0) 89 74 11 97 92
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    Everyone wants a taste
    Fruit purees and fruit juice concentrates of highest organic quality

    We deliver high-end exotic and native processed organic raw ingredients for food producers, and we place the highest value in ecologically sound production and authentic taste.

    Fruit Raw Materials for
    Industrial Application

    Product Development, Trading, Marketing: We propose food manufacturers solutions based on our fruit raw materials processing know-how.

    The African 'Miracle-Tree'

    2 x more calcium
    than a glass of milk.
    6 x more vitamin C
    than an orange.
    Baobab is THE latest superfruit for your industrial food application and we are your Baobab experts!

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