Plant-Based Retail Products

Biosurice® for retail and HORECA

An organic, purely vegan drink made from germinated whole grain rice. The better milk alternative for vegan cooking.

  • Lactose free and gluten free
  • 100% allergen Free
  • Cholesterol free, without animal fats
  • Without colorants
  • Without flavors, thickeners and preservatives
  • Natural sweetness, without added sugar

Careful and regional production

The whole grain rice from Italian cultivation in environmentally friendly perma-culture is germinated in pure spring water. This allows an even better development of the high-quality ingredients of the whole grain rice. The germinated whole grain rice is then mechanically processed in a circular process and pressed in water. This careful process provides the pure vegetable “milk”, our Biosurice®.

Valuable components

Thanks to the whole grain rice, Biosurice® contains numerous valuable nutrient components such as carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phenolic compounds – and is very similar to the nutrient profile of breast milk. Sprouting allows these valuable nutrients to be absorbed more easily and quickly. As a result, it is clearly superior to plain white rice:

  • 10 x more amino acid, including essentially y-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a cell activator and a very strong oxidation inhibitor, not found in other plants or animal milk!
  • 4 x more fiber, vitamin E, niacin and lysine
  • 3 x more vitamin B1, B6 and magnesium

Provided with a natural sweetness thanks to the germination of whole grains of rice, the Biosurice® drink is not only delicious and refreshing, but also highly nutritious.

Mozzarisella Classic

An Italian Classic: delicious with tomato and basil

Vegan cheese alternative from germinated whole grain rice for retail and HORECA

The Italian company Frescolat has been successfully producing vegan organic products from germinated whole grain rice for several years. FRUTELIA distributes Frescolat’s vegan cheese alternatives based on Biosurice®: pure vegetable origin, and free of lactose, gluten, sucrose, dyes and cholesterol!

We can offer you the following better cheese alternatives:


Mozzarisella spreadable CLASSIC

the deliciously creamy vegan spread

Mozzarisella Slices

with basil or cheddar flavor – the vegan alternative to cheese slices


Especially creamy, the vegan alternative to Mascarpone

Vegan Ravioli and fresh Pasta specialties

Best pasta quality from Italy for vegan enjoyment at home / in the home office / with friends and family!

  • Vegan Italian pasta of superior quality
  • Vegan and/or Demeter certified
  • Available as branded product but also as private label
  • Long guaranteed shelf life: 85 days from production

The production is carried out in Italy by our partner Albio, who started manufacturing of fresh pasta with exclusively organic and biodynamic ingredients in 1988.

In addition to the 12 vegan pasta dishes, we also offer vegetarian dishes as well as ready meals, including 2 vegan variants. The pasta is made from original durum wheat varieties (less enriched gluten, more digestible, more aromatic taste). The fillings vary between classic Italian vegetables, mushrooms and enriched with our cheese alternative Mozzarisella!

MOQ = 1 Pallet (1250 x 250g), minimum 312 units per variant á 250g = 2 layers