Baobab GOES Wowbab!

Baobab – the versatile fruit

No fruit holds more fascination for us than the baobab from the legendary and mystical monkey bread tree. As experts for exotic fruits, we were excited to see baobab become the new superfruit. From the early days we have been looking for new ways of utilizing and processing this fruit.

And the enthusiasm is also reflected in the name we have given this special fruit raw material: WOWBAB!

There are many reasons why baobab has become the latest trend currently taking the markets by storm. Not only does it have a pleasant taste, but is packed with nutrients. Africa’s best known tree has always had a reputation for being the apothecary or miracle tree. Simply all parts are either used in traditional remedies, as a food source, or for manufacturing cosmetics. Mixed with water, the white, dry pulp makes a nutritious drink that children also enjoy as a “milk substitute.”


High quality characteristics of the ingredients.

The natural fruit powder, the pulp, is naturally dry (less than 10% water content) and an incomparable vitamin C provider. Plus many valuable fibers, minerals, and a high content in calcium.


more vitamin C than oranges


mehr Potassium than bananas


more Calcium than milk


more antioxydants than Açai or Goji


Plus high in Iron and Thiamine


AND: highest ORAC values in the world of fruits

Multiple usage in food production and processing

The versatility and special characteristics of baobab make it an extremely interesting raw material for beverages, smoothies, desserts, baked goods, nutritional supplements and much more. The anti-inflammatory, prebiotic and viscosity-increasing properties are impressive:


  • Natural thickener and gelling agent – very high pectin content (ca. 40%), e.g. for jams, fruit preparation, ice cream or diary products
  • Stabilizers – Baobab is a natural stabilizer to create a creamy texture e.g. for ice cream
  • Natural emulsifiers – supports texture and stability, e.g. for biscuits or bakery products due to the strong emulsifying qualities
  • Natural flavour enhancer for fruit products due to the high content of citric acid (vitamine C) and tangy citrussy taste
  • Yeast replacement and sourdough starter for bread, pizza and cakes
  • Clean Label – declared as an ingredient or as a fruit, not as an additive
  • Easy to handle and to process because of its natural powder form (Baobab is the only fruit that dries naturally during ripening and is harvested this way)

Quality and security of the raw material

We attach the highest importance to the best quality of our products and raw materials, in compliance with the strictest criteria & EU standards.

The fruits are processed in Mozambique in a modern factory (in accordance with the standards HACCP, GMP, GHP and “Social Responsibility” certification). Thus, we guarantee safety, microbiological stability, absence of foreign bodies and full traceability.

Our goods are stored in Europe and are available throughout the year. Thanks to the very low water activity (Aw), Baobab powder can be kept and stored for a very long time.

From now on we offer our Baobab powder also IFS certified! This gives you as a manufacturer of food and dietary supplements even more security.

Sustainability and ethical values

By using baobab, you contribute to the local economy and environmental protection in Mozambique, the origin of our baobab.

The harvesting and processing of baobab provide farmers in African villages with new sources of income. During harvest time, over 1,700 women are busy harvesting the fruit and taking it to be processed.

Because the trees, which can be up to 1,000 years old, are not cut down anymore, the agricultural use of baobabs also slows down the ongoing desertification of the dry savannahs.